Our ultimate goal it to create happiness in amazing places. We've got the amazing places nailed with our beautiful properties and incredible facilities, but the true key to a happy experience is through you! That's why we're dedicated to your welfare at work, supporting you in career progression and giving you the tools to enjoy and feel fulfilled by your role.

Happy people make people happy

Let's spend time on our own happiness

Building what we need to create happiness.

With so many amazing brains in the business we know how important it is to have a voice and share your ideas, news and experiences at work. That's why we set up Hubbub - it's our internal communications app you can access on your phone and online - in a nutshell it's our one-stop shop to keep up to date with what's going on, whilst giving you a platform to share your own successes, challenges and wonderful ideas to create happiness!

The Exclusive ethos

We're going to spend time on our own happiness, because happy people make people happy.
We're going to break rules to make better ones and reinvent what we do, to make sure we stand out from our competitors and get noticed.
We're going to make sure we're really different and fresh.
We're going to make sure Exclusive is a really happy place to be, by exceeding our own and our guests' expectations.
Gone are the days when 'not getting it wrong' is good enough.



We have embedded into our culture six core values which us what makes us tick at Exclusive. It's these values which has us singing from the same hymn sheet, delivering incredible experiences and creating happiness all across the business.

Building what we need to create happiness
You’ll have a job convincing us you need a suit made of gold thread or a hat that lights up, but we’ll listen to any ideas that you think will make us happier.

Challenge the status quo
If Karl Benz hadn’t looked at things differently, we’d still be coming to work on a horse.

The different between good and great is the attention to detayl
^Did you spot it? Detail is the correct spelling!

We're a team and we depend on each other
Unlike when we were young and we blamed everything on our sister, brother or cousin, let’s share what goes well and what we could do better.

Be generous
But don’t give away plates and cutlery and don’t give the hotel to anyone.

Character is part of our service
Bring your personality to work. Your passion, creativity and ideas. Robots need not apply!